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Lots of doodles today.

Maggy and Sitala are mine. I am lliking the idea of making Maggy a boxer now. XD

Mihari, Sandy from BadXAsh, Caroline from Nixie, Vikna form Fluffkeblar, Aura from Moomanibe, Puzzle from Kadath, Matilda from Missmab and Leto from ScorpDK.

Lots of gifts! X_X






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The “Furry” Problem



Fair warning: there is some slight language in this post.

My name is Jonathan Ponikvar. I’m the creator of Peter & Company and an avid cartoon fan; I have been trying (successfully or not) to draw them since I first discovered the magic of crayons and markers. Like most kids in the 80’s I grew up watching a crazy amount of cartoons. My favorites were the cartoons and films of Warner Brothers, Disney, and Don Bluth, so my earliest and crappiest of doodles always revolved around those characters in some way.

As I grew older and began seriously getting into cartooning, I noticed something odd going on around me: the cartoon animal was quickly becoming an endangered species. The animal designs of the 80’s and 90’s TV cartoons were being seen less and less in modern times within the industries that they helped create.

How could this happen? Are people just no longer interested in funny talking animals?

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Did a short Picarto session to test my channel for the first time ( Go add me!!! )

I was just testing doing quick doodles since i haven’t done much this month because of the strong meds i have been taking. Did some gifts here, Claire for Phsuke and Skidd, Fio for G30ff, Janice for DarkDuck and a doodle of my character Mina that was intended for a friend who just happens to not like badgers… Also a random cyclops or something. XD


Some hand references.

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Redid a post by fucktonofanatomyreferencesreborn with sources because they never source anything and I don’t want to reblog that post because I don’t want to support blogs who don’t give credit to people

(No, stating that the art is ~not yours~ and ~came from elsewhere~ IS NOT PROPER CREDIT. Many of these have usernames and such on them but not every single one and you still ought to link back to the specific piece)

I couldn’t source the last one so I didn’t include it.

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