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AX 2014 Commissions, part 1

Finally caught up on this year’s convention season commissions. I had a lot spill over into after the cons ><;;;


1.) Eliza as Ragyo, Filia as Ryuko, and Valentine as Satsuki, commission for: Filia’s expression was fun to draw haha

2.) Shino, commission for Zerion 

3.) Alice and Emily’s characters, you can find their DA sites here and

4.) Eliza !

5.) Speaking of Eliza… proto-Eliza! Kamila from Gaia Online, vs. Blaze, also from Gaia Online. Otami twins in the background. Blast from the past here owo/

6.) Musashi from the anime adaptation of Battleship, KantoCooler. Man, this took me forever to figure out. Thank goodness there is a figma of Yamato for easier understanding. 

Also while I’m at it~ If anyone is interested in purchasing my book, you can find them at Gallery Nucleus. They have an online store. Here is the section with my books:


so leslie wanted to know how i made this dumb thing so here’s a tutorial for how! it’s actually pretty simple if you understand the folders on SAI pretty well and if you’re pretty good with simple gif-making too! if you use photoshop but have never used the timeline/made gifs it takes a little to get the hang of and can get a bit frustrating (i may not have explained it well enough so if you need help still shoot me an ask and i’ll try to explain it better!) but three frames shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of! :)

here’s the brush i used for lines (and the background in the fox image)! (not my brush, by the way; it was one i came across in a photoset of someone sharing their brush settings, but i don’t remember whose sadly, so credit for the brush goes to them)

probably would’ve used it for coloring too but i didn’t think to turn off the blending until i did the background OTL

and uhhh i think that’s it!






Kiseiju Movie part 1

Mysterious worm-like aliens fall from the sky. They penetrate through the ears or nose into human beings and live off their brain while dominating the body. Now with human appearance, the parasites live among humans.

Cast Shota SometaniAi HashimotoEri FukatsuMasahiro Higashide

Info , video

This is amazing. superamiuniverse



jesus i didn’t read the manga because it looked too scary but this looks scarier! amazing effects though

Parasyte the movie - yesss!


Cloud White Character Design Ver.4
From my original project Electric Hearts (formerly called Xing/SYNC).
A Cloud / Rabbit / Anthro themed android.

Cloud was originally designed as a fox android, but as the main character is going to be an Alice, I decided to make him a rabbit.

This is Cloud’s normal form which he has his arms detached from his main body, much like Rayman. Except Cloud’s arms can fly far away and act as child machines rather than a pair of hands that invisibly attached to the main body.

Cloud is a shape-shifter, such concept had been explored once in one of my old version 2 design sheet. I will give Cloud a complete set of other modes in version 4.

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